You think the “Immoralist” crowd is not coming for your children?

man in high heelsYou think the “Immoralist” crowd is not coming for your children? Think again.

In 2017,  Washington State public school system will begin indoctrinating kindergarten children in an effort to distort their minds into accepting Transgenders as normal.

transgenderWhere is the outrage? Where is the protest against this new descent into depravity?

Can you explain to your 5-year-old how you can drop them off with their new public school K5 teacher and everything will be alright?

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An invitation to read: “The Transgender Wars”

Eagle - Freedom Isn't FreeA note to those who follow my irregular posts for this Spiritual Minutemen blog:

As a patriot pastor, the lines of the spiritual and political cross when societal morality, traditional marriage, and family are under assault by liberal elitists, media hate mongers, government entities, and politicians whose agenda is to erode moral values in the absence of their own moral compass.

The President’s decision to throw our nation into a sewer of moral morass and assail our children in public schools with his accommodation of Transgender demands at the sacrifice of our daughters might appease the LGBTQ crowd, but is morally reprehensible to Americans who value the security and privacy of the fairer sex–our daughters, wives and mothers.

I invite you to read an article I wrote today on my Heart of a Shepherd blog that is titled, The Transgender Wars: A Covert Asulat on Femininity.heart of a shepherd

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A Moral Lecture from Sir “Lady” Elton John

Elton John in 1977It’s always good to wake up in the morning and realize a moral lecture from the arbiter of morality, none other than Sir Elton John (or, given the Transgender discussion, should that be “Lady Elton John) is waiting for you to ponder.
The LGBTQ community wants to characterize the “Gender-Identity” debate (I can’t believe we are even having this discussion) under the heading of compassion and understanding when it is neither.
This debate is nothing short of a battle for the morality of our nation, the innocence of our children, common sense and decency in public places; something woefully lacking in this diatribe against family values and human sexuality.

What is the President’s “End Game” in Declaring Bathroom Wars?

ObamaI have been pondering what President Obama’s motive might be for declaring war on the moral right; in other words, what is his “end game” in making Transgender’s rights (only.03% of the American population) a point of conflict and contention?
This President has hardly demonstrated a heart of compassion for anyone, including the men and women in uniform who have made the ultimate sacrifice; therefore I do not think his motivation has anything to do with the civil rights of Transgenders.
Bathroom dangersWhat is his goal?  Is this Transgender war a distraction from greater matters such as the investigation into the deaths of four patriots in Benghazi?  Is it intended to be a distraction from Hillary’s email scandal?  Is the President planning an even greater assault on the Constitution and the liberties of American citizens, such as his threat against the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?
Why is he choosing to make the fallacy of Transgender civil rights an issue in the last months of his administration and during an election year that has been so contentious?  Is he intending to make the definition of “civil rights” so broad it will embrace every nefarious act of immorality? Is he championing a broader definition of “civil rights” that will open the backdoor to militant Islam’s perversities with young girls that we witness in territories held by ISIS?
I wish I had answers for you.  I know there is an “end game”, but what is it?
Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith

A Note to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz: Do your job!

I believe we will see over the next months that the Obama administration intends to unleash every political weapon in its arsenal to force upon the American people a moral perversity that defies anyone to stand up and speak out.
Trump, Cruz, RubioTo Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz…If you two want a political legacy, let it be that you finally stood up to this tyrant president and called him and his cohorts out!  Dog this White House night and day if you are the Constitutionalists you claim to be!  Whip up the same passion you exhibited toward Trump on a debate stage and go after the corruption in this administration and the federal bureaucracy for the sake of our nation’s future!
We have heard enough of your rhetoric, do the job you were elected to do in the Senate and use your national stage to declare political war on this bully administration and its preempted monarch!
Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith

“The Coming Storm”

Sign of the EndThis Sunday morning Hillsdale Baptist Church will begin an eschatological series titled “The Signs of the Second Coming of Christ and the End of the World”.  Our focus for the next several weeks will be Matthew 24-25, a passage of scripture traditionally referred to as “The Olivet Discourse”.  This Sunday morning’s message is titled, “The Coming Storm” and is an introduction for our prophetic study of the last days.

My friend, the parallel between the LORD’s prophetic description of the signs that would mark His Second Coming and end of the world and world events unfolding in our day is undeniable. There is a revolution underway in our world, a growing spirit of rebellion, a hatred of law and authority, a vacuum of leadership, and an abandonment of moral principles that precipitates the cry of the world for peace.coming storm

Sadly, the church, the very institution God entrusted with the one and only answer for sin and guilt, Jesus Christ, is compromised, tainted by sin and its testimony marred by eroding convictions.  My friend, the Bible still has the answer for hope and God’s call to His people to be holy is unchanged.

I invite you to join us at Hillsdale this Sunday as we look at our world through the prism of God’s revelation!

Middle Schools and the Gay Agenda

gay indoctrinationSecular schools, from as early as preschool through college, have become indoctrination centers for the left.  I continue to hear that parents of middle school children, particularly those in 6th grade health sciences classes, are dismayed when their children come home with questions for their parents after their minds have been polluted with films and teachings that promote sexual experimentation, homosexuality, and are nothing short of unveiled militant sexual exploitation.

It is time for parents to wake up to the reality our children are facing an open assault on moral values systematically conducted in public schools by secularists who are openly opposed to biblical and traditional family values.  There are many fine teachers in our school systems who know their calling is to educate our youth; however, there are too many purveyors of sexual depravity who are using their podiums and positions to direct the classroom discussion to advance sodomy among our youth.

Gay teacherI am ready for the insanity to end; however, the imbecility of the left and the depravity they champion has been indoctrinated into our youth through the secular school system for decades.  I wish I could assure you a change of administration will make a difference; however, the left has become so empowered in our school system that militant homosexuals and lesbians are directing not only our local schools, but have appointed themselves as the sex educators of our youth.

If you are the parent of a son or daughter in 6th grade…you have been warned…the school system is sexually indoctrinating and exploiting your children without your consent and perhaps without your children communicating what they are being subjected to in social\health sciences.   This agenda is a top down promotion of depravity and there are militant homosexuals working as principals, assistant principals and teachers in our local school systems who are coordinating an assault on purity and moral values.

Mom and dad, you have only yourselves to blame if you allow your children to be indoctrinated in moral depravity that opposes family values that have been the foundation of societies and nations for millenniums.  You can not afford to leave the matter of sexuality to the self-proclaimed experts.  I urge you to get engaged in your child’s education.  Ask your children what they are learning in school?  Have some serious discussions with the teacher and find out what your child is being taught.

Sadly, many of you will learn too late that your child’s innocence has been sacrificed for the godless agenda of the morally depraved. 

Wake up, America!

The Militant Islamic Horde and America’s Future

Islamic invasionThe Islamic invasion of Europe will begin anew this spring as a mass of humanity of Biblical proportions begins its trek from the war-torn Middle East through Turkey and Greece into Western Europe.  Some estimate the Muslim invasion of Western Europe in 2016 will be over 600,000, many who are military aged men, veterans of war, and accompanied by untold numbers of ISIS trained terrorists and sympathizers.  European states that once naively believed this population would assimilate into their culture are facing the harsh reality Muslims will overtake their culture and lands in the next decade if not stopped.

Observing from a distance this invasion of Western Europe, reading reports of horrendous crimes committed against the citizens of host countries, and seeing pictures and videos of well-clothed immigrants sporting smart cell phones leaves me wondering, who is facilitating this economically?Soros

It may surprise you that it is widely reported this mass invasion is funded in part by a Super PAC [Political Action Committee] primarily directed by billionaire George Soros and his sons.  This is the same Soros family allegedly behind the disruptive, anarchist activities of the “Black Lives Matter“, “Hands Up”, “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  Of no surprise, George Soros is also a big contributor to the Democratic Party and supporter of its candidates.

What about America?  It has become painfully obvious the failed promises to address illegal immigration made by past administrations and Congresses was a ruse that has been exasperated by the Obama administration’s brazen opposition to federal immigration laws.  Federal government agencies, with the cooperation and assistance of scores of pseudo-religious organizations profiting from federal dollars to oversee the movement and resettlement of illegal immigrants across our nation, is facilitating an invasion of America by militant Islamic aliens.  hate AmericaLike Europe, we are facing the presence of a growing population that not only refuses to assimilate into our culture, but also is an enemy to the Judeo-Christian principles and values that have defined our laws and liberties as a nation for 240 years.

Will Americans wake up and recognize the magnitude of problems we will face if we do not elect leaders who will stop the hordes of Islamic and illegal immigrants flowing into our country?

Will we sacrifice our nation’s welfare and future because we are reluctant to acknowledge the liberal, socialist policies of this administration have eroded our liberties, and threaten to destroy our Constitutional democracy?freedom

The experience of Western European nations and their failure to address the Islamic invasion should serve as a warning to every American.  Continue bi-partisan bickering, elect spineless, “good doer” socialists, and we will become nothing more than a welfare state for a people who hate us and will inevitably enslave us.

America, your time is running out!  Elect another idealistic, socialist president and all is lost!

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith

“Beware the Pragmatist”

elephant and donkeyThe contrast between the Republican and Democratic Debates has been eye-opening when you remember in 2008, following President Barack Obama’s coronation, the media hawks and Democratic talking heads were predicting the demise of the Republican party and its conservative base.  Like vultures feasting on road kill, the prediction of some analysts and the prophecies of liberal media experts was either the Republican Party adapts to the new morality or it would cease.

democratWhat a difference 7 years makes!  The contrast between Democratic and Republican presidential candidates could not be  more stark.  While Democratic Party candidates look old and tired (with the exception of, what’s his name…“Howdy Doody O’Malley”), the Republican Party’s presidential hopefuls cover the full spectrum of American society.  Conservative, articulate, youthful, anti-establishment men, savvy lawyers, a real estate tycoon, a corporate businesswoman, a skilled neurological surgeon with an incredible “rags to riches” story, and one preacher\politician round out the Republican presidential hopefuls!  Regardless of who wins the party nominations for president, the undeniable reality is the stable of candidates aspiring to public service in the Republican party is a generation of racing thoroughbreds compared to the Democratic party’s stable of donkeys and a broken down mare, all of whom should long ago been put out to pasture.2016

Polls show a majority of Americans believe our nation’s presence on the world stage militarily, economically and morally is eroding, and yet, in spite of those concerns, we may be on the cusp of making a graver error in judgment than electing and re-electing President Barack Obama.  If polling data is to be trusted, it appears the Republicans are well on their way to casting a majority vote for a man who, judging from his history, is an unprincipled pragmatist.

Like many Americans, I have found the brash, off the cuff, “apolitically correct” style of Donald Trump entertaining and refreshing; however, the question is: Is this the man I want for president?  I have listened to the debates, followed the interviews, chuckled at the Tweets, and been entertained by Trump’s backhanded slaps at the media; however, I cannot tell you one promise he has made that is guided and driven by a lifetime pattern of unalterable, non-negotiable personal convictions and principles.

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump, holds up his bible who was giving to him by his mother as he speaks during the Values Voter Summit, held by the Family Research Council Action, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in Washington ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump, holds up his bible who was giving to him by his mother as he speaks during the Values Voter Summit, held by the Family Research Council Action, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in Washington ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Who is Donald Trump without his billions of dollars in real estate holdings?   Who is this man who boasts he is a Christian, brandishes the Bible as his favorite book, but quotes “Two Corinthians” when citing a passage of Scripture? Are we to ignore his checkered history as a philanderer and trust him to faithfully carry the banner of traditional “family values”?   What are his guiding principles for choosing Supreme Court Justices?

I have heard “The Donald” promise he will make Mexico build a wall, put illegal immigrants out of the country, bomb ISIS into oblivion, and bring back jobs from China; however, I am left pondering the question, “What are his principles?”  His life, both personal and business, indicates he has been an extremely successful opportunists and a skilled pragmatist when promoting his own interests.  But, what are his principles?

It is my fear, after he has cannibalized Republican conservatives running for president, Donald Trump will become in office what he has always been…an amoral, irreligious, narcissist who lacks the moral compass to promote the spiritual and moral principles that are fundamental to America’s greatness as a people and nation.

I close with an admonition to conservative voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina:  America cannot suffer one more unprincipled leader who fails to set forth a platform of non-negotiable, life-guiding principles and whose life evidences he is little more than a pragmatic egotist.  I beg you, look at the Republican field and vote for the man or woman whose life is consistent with his or her rhetoric. candidates

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith

* This blog expresses the opinion of one voter and is not intended to represent any group or institution.

“Spiritual Minutemen Revived: A Renewed Call to Action”

Eagle - Freedom Isn't FreeTwenty-one months has passed since I utilized this blog site for posting my concerns, frustrations, exhortations and aspirations for the direction of our nation.  My energy and focus has been predominately on my pulpit ministry at Hillsdale Baptist Church [] and the outlet of opportunity my devotional blog, [] has given me. I have been profoundly blessed to have 53,000 readers from 164 countries that have followed my daily devotionals and editorials on

minutemanI do not have time or space to delineate the changes in American society that have moved me to revive; however, I have been convicted that I dare not be a spectator in the battle for the heart and soul of our community, city, and nation.  Whether or not my engagement with “quill and ink” will make a difference is not my concern; however, I feel my failure to exercise the freedom of speech God has given me as a citizen of this great nation is a liberty for which I will one day give account…in the spirit of the Colonial preachers of the American Revolution, I am a “Patriot Parson”.

The preachers of Colonial America, known as the “Black Robed Brigade”, were as diverse as the colonist themselves; young and old, urban and rural, eloquent orators and plain-spoken country parsons, educated and genteel…In spite of their differences, the preachers of the “Black Robed Brigade” agreed on one thing: God would have men be free from the tyranny of government that restricts individual rights and freedoms.

Colonial Americans admired the courage and independent spirit of their pastors. John Adams, 2nd president of the United States wrote concerning the pastors of colonial America:

“It is the duty of the clergy…to preach against such sins as are most prevalent, and recommend such virtues as are most wanted…”

19th century Evangelist Charles G. Finney rebuked America’s preachers with these words: “If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible…If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible…If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible…If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible…If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible…”

One can only imagine the diatribe Finney would express to America’s 21st century preachers.  Christianity in general, and preachers specifically, have failed America and our nation is in crisis.  We are Politically divided, Financially insolvent and our government has an insatiable appetite for controlling every aspect of our public and private lives.

Retreat is not an option!

The mission of minutemen during the American Revolution was to be ready to respond to the threat of an enemy in an instant; however, the enemy of our liberties in the 21st century bears ideas, not necessarily arms, and is increasingly intolerant of any expression of the Christian faith and moral values.  Spiritual Minutemen no longer have the luxury of disengagement or retreat; should we fail to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and boldly Declare God’s Word, the liberties we cherish will inevitably erode and we will be silenced.declaration

“WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” – The Declaration of Independence

For life and liberty,

Patriot Parson

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith