A Note to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz: Do your job!

I believe we will see over the next months that the Obama administration intends to unleash every political weapon in its arsenal to force upon the American people a moral perversity that defies anyone to stand up and speak out.
Trump, Cruz, RubioTo Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz…If you two want a political legacy, let it be that you finally stood up to this tyrant president and called him and his cohorts out!  Dog this White House night and day if you are the Constitutionalists you claim to be!  Whip up the same passion you exhibited toward Trump on a debate stage and go after the corruption in this administration and the federal bureaucracy for the sake of our nation’s future!
We have heard enough of your rhetoric, do the job you were elected to do in the Senate and use your national stage to declare political war on this bully administration and its preempted monarch!
Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith