Middle Schools and the Gay Agenda

gay indoctrinationSecular schools, from as early as preschool through college, have become indoctrination centers for the left.  I continue to hear that parents of middle school children, particularly those in 6th grade health sciences classes, are dismayed when their children come home with questions for their parents after their minds have been polluted with films and teachings that promote sexual experimentation, homosexuality, and are nothing short of unveiled militant sexual exploitation.

It is time for parents to wake up to the reality our children are facing an open assault on moral values systematically conducted in public schools by secularists who are openly opposed to biblical and traditional family values.  There are many fine teachers in our school systems who know their calling is to educate our youth; however, there are too many purveyors of sexual depravity who are using their podiums and positions to direct the classroom discussion to advance sodomy among our youth.

Gay teacherI am ready for the insanity to end; however, the imbecility of the left and the depravity they champion has been indoctrinated into our youth through the secular school system for decades.  I wish I could assure you a change of administration will make a difference; however, the left has become so empowered in our school system that militant homosexuals and lesbians are directing not only our local schools, but have appointed themselves as the sex educators of our youth.

If you are the parent of a son or daughter in 6th grade…you have been warned…the school system is sexually indoctrinating and exploiting your children without your consent and perhaps without your children communicating what they are being subjected to in social\health sciences.   This agenda is a top down promotion of depravity and there are militant homosexuals working as principals, assistant principals and teachers in our local school systems who are coordinating an assault on purity and moral values.

Mom and dad, you have only yourselves to blame if you allow your children to be indoctrinated in moral depravity that opposes family values that have been the foundation of societies and nations for millenniums.  You can not afford to leave the matter of sexuality to the self-proclaimed experts.  I urge you to get engaged in your child’s education.  Ask your children what they are learning in school?  Have some serious discussions with the teacher and find out what your child is being taught.

Sadly, many of you will learn too late that your child’s innocence has been sacrificed for the godless agenda of the morally depraved. 

Wake up, America!