“Throw the Bums Out”…Every last one of them

trumpI have been posting a lot of news, thoughts and opinions directly to my Facebook Spiritual Minutemen Page; however, I have decided to also begin doing the same through my SpiritualMinutemen Blog.
Here is a headline that caught my attention: “Vocal Trump critics in GOP supporting Clinton”
If this article is true, I will become a rabid, anti-Republican establishment voice!  Has the Washington establishment become so incestuous, so insane that they will sacrifice our nation and future for a power play?
throw the bums outMight I suggest a solution…“Throw the Bums Out”…every last one of them…
from Washington, DC to Small Town, USA…
from the White House and Congress…to the Mayor, County Commissioners and Dog Catcher…
Throw them out!
If our elected officials will not put the future of this nation, our communities, and our families ahead of their own aspirations…if they ignore the opinions of “We the People” and are driven by self-interest…throw them out!
My opinion,
Patriot Parson
Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith