American Sheep: Big Brother wants your children from conception!

common coreState, federal government, and corporate entities have, through “Common Core” and the public school educational system, begun to implement a strategy to usurp parental authority and assert the State’s interest in your child from Pre-natal care [that’s right, while still in the mother’s womb] to graduate school.

I invite you to view the following video website where a government agent for the State of Oregon Education Department, Oregon Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton, presents a liberal ideology that the State has a compelling interest in a child’s welfare from conception to graduate school.

Teaching Strategies GoldSaxton asserts that the interests of the State includes nutrition, exercise, and education at the child’s earliest levels [the argument is the State has a right to know everything about a child beginning in the mother’s womb, well before they enter kindergarten].

The “dirty secret” of the States and public school systems across the nation, including my beloved State of Florida, is the government, in cooperation with corporate entities like “Teaching Strategies Gold”, is data mining your children as early as Kindergarten.

How many of you are aware that K4 teachers are encouraged to videotape your children, take photographs, and fill out reports that are then sent to the State and corporate entities like “Teaching Strategies Gold”?  [I didn’t think so and no, they do not have to ask your permission. They are following a mandate of the State].

Trusting the State to be sincerely benevolent, we are to believe the State’s interest is to insure from birth that children are “kinder-ready” to learn. Dick and Jane In the video, the Oregon State representative for the governor of Oregon states the goal of the State is “to insure students are ready to read by the end of third grade”.  [Forgive me for reflecting, but I remember reading “Fun with Dick and Jane” at the end of 1st grade in 1962. Apparently today’s educational system is hoping this generation will be reading by 3rd grade! Really?]

As an added bonus, if you persevere to the end of the video at the 5:45 mark, a MSNBC news anchor is spouting the liberal view of education in the following words:

“We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or that kids belong to their family and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. Once it is everybody’s responsibility and not just the household, then we start making better investments.”

For you Bernie Sanders’ socialists, your long-awaited welfare nanny state is almost here!  Soon, Big Brother will own you, your children, and your future!

Patriot Parson

Copyright 2016 – Travis D. Smith