Why I will and must vote for Ted Cruz

TedCruzI am convinced that, while we have been focused on the disastrous policies of the Obama Administration (ObamaCare; Fast and Furious; Benghazi; Hillary’s Email scandal; etc…); the president’s greatest and most devastating attack on our nation and culture, and perhaps the legacy he is most proud, will be the transformative resettlement of radical jihadist Muslims throughout the American heartland and across 48 continental states.ObamaCare
Liberal, bleeding heart Democrats, Rhino Republicans, Billionaires, the liberal media, and the so-called Hollywood elite (by the way, all of whom will live safely behind their walled compounds and armed body guards when this society begins to face wide-spread civil disruptions), have all been party to this corruption of American exceptionalism.
I believe the 2016 Presidential elections may well be the final stand for American values, liberties, and the USA Constitution. For that reason, I will vote for Ted Cruz, a bold Constitutionalist, a man who is intellectually brilliant, and has a proven record of conservative views and values. I see no other candidate who is a true defender of our freedoms and liberties.
Patriot Parson