The Tragic Consequences Of Silence

* The following article is generated out of concern for the absence of pastors and Christian laypeople in the democratic process.  At a time our Constitutional liberties are under assault by the progressive, militant left, professing Christians are MIA.  Last Wednesday evening, May 15, 2017, my wife and I spoke before the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, a committee that is formed every 20 years and tasked with hearing the voice of Florida citizens concerning revisions to the Florida Constitution.  The progressive left dominated the meeting in their attendance and agenda, while the presence of conservative voices was pathetically minuscule.

Deafening silence, detachment, distance, disengagement, disorganization and moral desensitization are but a few words that come to mind when I ponder how far the average American stands from the political arena.   There is an even greater lack of participation in our democracy among those who profess to be Christians .

I have attended school board meetings, city and county commissioner meetings, and political party meetings for more than a decade, and can attest that few pastors or professing Christians in Tampa Bay engage in public forums to express opinions, concerns or outrage over laws, ordinances and public policies that not only assail biblical morality and freedoms, but left unchallenged are tools to advance the erosion of our families, communities, state and nation.

Those of us who attend and participate in the democratic process have had our eyes opened to the organized forces of liberal socialists whose ideas and politics are antithetical to America’s heritage.  Many who practice liberal politics are strongly adversarial toward traditional marriage, family, morality and decency.  Their efforts are often demonstrated in forms of mob violence, attacks on free speech on college campuses, and shutting down conservative ideas in the public forum.  School boards, city and county commissioner meetings, along with political rallies have become the staging ground for militant liberals.

The enemies of Biblical morality and conservatism have taken control of our schools and institutions of higher learning, eroding the foundations of our homes and culture.  While the moral fabric of our society hangs tattered and torn, the majority of pastors and professing Christians are dismissive of those sounding the alarm warning our families, churches, schools, and society are under attack.

Christian friend, the time for political ambivalence is passed.  If we do not awaken to the imminent threat of being silenced altogether, we will be relegated to the dismal heap of irrelevance.

It is time for all who love American freedom to awaken out of sleep!  We must become active citizens for the sake of our homes, churches, schools and our beloved nation.  It is time for pastors to assail the ideology of liberal indoctrination.   It is time for Bible believers to support pastors and churches that dare to be faithful to God’s Word and stand with them in private and public forums.

Be forewarned; history will judge us harshly for failing to be stewards of liberty and defenders of biblical morality.

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Copyright 2017 – Travis D. Smith

2nd Amendment Right-to-Bear Arms Bill during a declared emergency

Dear fellow patriots,

FL SenateI just learned that the Florida Senate is considering a bill [HB-209] that would permit citizens to be armed in the case of a declared emergency. The Senate also has their own bill proposal [SB-296]; however, it is the House Bill, without amendments, that would be most favorable to law-abiding citizens.

 As disconcerting as it sounds, the reality is that the current law allows local officials to declare an emergency and in effect, make it illegal for citizens, even those like myself who have concealed permits, to transport and bear arms.  Of all times to be prevented from exercising the right to bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, surely an emergency like a hurricane and forced evacuation would not be the hour citizens should be told you have no right to leave your home with a firearm.  As it currently stands, a citizen legally bearing or transporting a firearm during a declared emergency could be arrested!

Add to the above concern, the Florida Sheriffs Association is a major proponent and player in denying the rights of citizens to bear arms in a declared emergency. Please refer to this site for additional information: to bear arms

Today is the day you must contact Florida Senators…HB-209 is under consideration this day, April 30.

The following is my personal letter to Florida Senators and you are welcome to use it as a pattern for your own email:

Dear Florida Senators,

The purpose of this email is to request that you and your peers would take up and pass House Bill HB-209 allowing law-abiding citizens to keep and have in their possession their personal firearms in the case of a declared emergency by local officials.

My wife and I are both concealed permit holders and I am appalled that the current status of the law is that I would be denied my 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. This is especially egregious if that Constitutional right would be denied me or my family in an emergency when law and order might be at risk and law enforcement detained by criminal activities preventing them from a timely response to pleas for help.

Please pass HB-209 with no amendments.

The following are email addresses for Florida Senators that you may copy and paste into your email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

With a patriot’s heart,

Travis D. Smith