I am a pastor who is passionate about my responsibility to be an unapologetic preacher of the Gospel, a faithful servant of Christ to His Church and a steward of the privileges and liberties I have inherited as a citizen of these United States. I am the son of patriots who served in the Revolutionary War and those whose graves bear Confederate Crosses. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather have all worn military uniforms and served our country with honor.

Inspired by patriot pastors who were members of the Black Robe Regiment of the Revolutionary War, I take pen in hand to illuminate the values that were the moral fiber of our nation’s rise to greatness and address the cultural enemies of America’s Christian heritage.

Liberal politicians, media personalities and educators have launched a coordinated, unprecedented attack on Biblical Christianity and traditional family values. The effect on our nation has been a precipitous erosion of the qualities that were fundamental to America’s greatness…love of God, neighbor, family and country.

There is a war being waged for the soul of our nation and pastors and Christian patriots can ill afford to be silent.

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