Republicans, “Victories Have Consequences!”…Act Like Victors!

Dear Spiritual Minutemen followers,
After a much-needed hiatus, I am emerging from my self-imposed retreat to re-engage this political forum.  The announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy has stirred my heart as I hope it has all Conservatives who believe in Constitutional government.
President Obama’s appointment of two liberal, anti-constitution Supreme Court Justices (Sonia Sotomayor and David Souter) will shadow that institution for two decades potentially.  While President’s Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch brought balance to the Court, the prospect of appointing another conservative justice to replace Anthony Kennedy may well secure Constitutional government and liberties for at least another decade.
Let’s pray the Republicans in the Senate use their majority to push through a new conservative justice. The Left can wail all they want and point to the last nine months of obstruction in the Senate when Obama put forward a name to replace the late Justice Scalia (who by the way, passed away mysteriously with no Secret Service present); however, that is not a valid comparison.  In that instance, Republicans controlled the Senate and were under no obligation to seat anyone they felt was not a reflection of Constitutional precepts.
I close reminding Democrats of the snarky words of Obama during his presidency…”Victories have consequences” and for this Supreme Court vacancy, Republicans hold all the cards…the House, Senate, and White House!
Your patriot parson.
Travis D. Smith