The Muslim Invasion of Rural NC

women in burqasTo my NC family and friends:
I hope you realize the Obama Administration is not choosing rural areas like Brevard, NC in the west and New Bern, NC in the east to do anything short of changing your demographics over the next 20 years.  Forget being a proud Southern or American…welcome to the Middle East and Sharia Law.
decaying churchThe average American household has 1.8 children; the average Muslim household averages around 8.  Within one generation, Muslim households will have more than 4x as many children as your neighbors; not only overwhelming your schools and social services, but inevitably the voting booth.  The ringing of your church bells will be replaced with calls of prayer to Allah.
Within the next 20 years, there will be parts of NC and other States across our nation that will not only lose their culture, but their communities to this invasion.Crowd fills NC auditorium
FLAT ROCK, N.C. — “Congressman Mark Meadows held a town hall Tuesday night to discuss efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in our area…International Rescue Committee, a resettlement agency, said it is still looking at Asheville…Meadows explained the money for refugees comes from the U.S. State Department. Once the money is budgeted to the State Department, it cannot be moved to another department…Meadows informed the crowd refugee resettlement is a federal program, and state legislators cannot prevent refugees from coming.”