Sadly, Ted Cruz proves to be a very small man.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, listens during Bloomberg Television in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, March 24, 2015. Cruz said his presidential run will be about bringing people together—even including social liberals, if they're interested. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Ted Cruz

Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg ***

Admittedly, I watched very little of the Republican Convention in Cleveland; however, a few surprises stand out and perhaps the greatest for me was Ted Cruz’s participation in the Convention as a speaker, but his failure to endorse Donald Trump as the nominee.

I understand his reasons, the personal attacks on his wife and suggestion that his Cuban father might have had some relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald; however, Cruz accepting Trump’s magnanimous invitation to participate as a primetime speaker in the Convention makes him nothing more than opportunist.   Sadly, the perception is that Cruz is more interested in his own political future than he is in the Republicans taking the White House and reversing the disastrous legacy of Obama and his heir, Hillary Clinton.
small tedFacing the possibility of two or three Supreme Court justices being replaced in the next four years and the Constitution hanging precariously in the balance, Ted Cruz’s defensive posture for his failure to endorse Donald Trump is not only petty, but indicative of a very small man.
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