A moral concern for those living in Hillsborough County, FL–A call to action in the next 14 hours….

Dear fellow patriot,

Once again the promotion of the Homosexual agenda has raised is noxious head on this Wednesday’s agenda for theHillsborough County Commissioners [County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33602]. The meeting begins at 9:00 AM and allows for Public Comments beginning at 9:10-9:55 AM [my suggestion is for you to arrive for the meeting at least 30-45 minutes early].  Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner is listed as the sponsor of the proposal. A similar item was narrowly defeated in the past; however, it is my understanding that there are some Republican commissioners who appear to be leaning toward supporting this addition to the County’s Human Rights Ordinance (HRO).
The political goal is to modify Hillsborough County’s Human Rights Ordinance [HRO] to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”.  The effect is an attack on the individual rights and freedoms of private business owners who have religious convictions and a moral conscience that homosexuality is immoral and against God and nature (Romans 1:26-27Leviticus 18:221 Corinthians 6:9-111 Timothy 1:9-11). Sadly, insulating an immoral lifestyle has become symptomatic of political correctness and the moral decay of our city, county and nation.
Victor Crist                272-5452       cristv@hillsboroughcounty.org

Ken Hagan                272-5725       hagank@hillsboroughcounty.org

Al Higginbotham       272-5740       higginbothama@hillsboroughcounty.org

Sandy Murman          272-5470       murmans@hillsboroughcounty.org

Mark Sharpe              272-5735       sharpem@hillsboroughcounty.org

I am sure you are aware that our nation is going from crisis to crisis in the past few years and no wonder when you realize we have elected officials who are determined to cram down the throat of the American people a liberal agenda that is morally bankrupt. The State of Florida and our own county and city have not been immune from the agenda of those who, under the guise of “protecting rights”, are determined to give to Homosexuals a validation and protection that insulates them from the rigors of work and competition in the real world.
I am appalled by the ongoing activity of our elected officials who are determined that government will control and regulate every aspect of our lives, work and private businesses! The recent victory of Hobby Lobby before the Supreme Court was hardly a respite from the attacks of the liberal left.
Should our County commissioners extend to homosexuals a protection based upon “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”, the effect will be lawsuits against small business owners who embrace the right and liberty to practice their faith and convictions and hire whom they choose. The threat of litigation will force people of faith to either close their businesses or face litigation that could bankrupt their family owned enterprises.
I urge you to get involved by calling the Commissioners, tell them you are a citizen of Hillsborough County and you are opposed to any change in the Human Rights Ordinance that extends protection and preferred status to others based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Calling for liberty and moral sense,
Travis D. Smith